Our Rescues, Therapeutic animals and Sanctuary

Our Rescues

Meet Bullseye !! aka Bones.

Bullseye is a rescued Arabian Gelding whom we rehomed from Pahrump. Bullseye is approx 23 years old, blind in one eye and was SKIN AND BONES when we found him. Thanks to lots of feed, caring volunteers, veterinarian assistance from Dr. Frehner, teeth floating, de-worming, hoof repair and reshaping...  "BONES" was successfully renamed BULLSEYE!!


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Meet Ginger...

Ginger was re-homed to us as the previous owner could no longer afford her care after the birth of their child.

After months of ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET, horsey menu of course, Ginger is now doing great!

Ginger also received veterinarian care, supplements, hoof treatments, and lots of love from volunteers.


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Meet Sunshine ....  Sunshine unfortunately endured a broken leg which required surgery. Here is a after picture of Sunshine after surgery.


Pony Roxy endured injury after a pack of dogs attacked her. Here is a picture of Pony Roxy at the veterinarians office after over a month of care. Roxy did lose her left ear. Now Pony Roxy is re-located to our barnyard after adoption and gains love, affection and feels safe again.

Our Therapeutic & Educational Animals

Meet Glitter !   Miss Glitter is a POA (Pony of America Bred). She is 13 years old. Glitter helps us bring smiles to children through our Unicorn for Smiles program where she encourages children to paint, color and be creative with her as they create their magical creations!